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We are dedicated to helping deliver timely and quality access of care for our underserved veterans.

Providing Veteran Support Services

Vet2Vet Benefit Enrollment

Working Directly with Healthcare Providers

Veteran Alliance Services

We are available Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm to answer your calls at 480-359-3998

VA Enrollment

Veterans are entitled to a comprehensive health care package that is entirely portable across the entire VA health care system. Let us help you navigate the enrollment by completing the process for you.

VA Hospice for dual benefit with Medicare

If you have other forms of health care coverage, you can use VA healthcare benefits along with Medicare to continue your aggressive treatment plan that would normally require you to give up.

VA Catastrophic Enrollment and updated priority classification 

There are 8 priority groups when you apply for VA health care. We will ensure you are properly assigned to the correct priority to provide you with the highest quality of care you are entitled.

VA Pharmacy with no co-pays

We can assist you with the rising costs of pharmacy to ensure you qualify for no co-pay for your medications.

VA Respite care

If you are unable to afford for respite care to assist with your daily activities, we can help you get the care you deserve through our expertise in various program applications.

VA Adult daycare

A program veterans can go to during the day for social activities. A cost of the program that can be completely free to veterans that qualify.

VA Aide and attendant pension fund

We will help our veterans and family through this process free of cost. See what the qualifications are by chatting with us.

Veteran and survivors pension fund

A tax-free benefit for surviving spouse and/or child (ren) of a deceased wartime veteran. It's important that this benefit is not carelessly mishandled so make sure you have the right resources by speaking to us.

Burial/Memorial benefits

There are specific rules to qualify for reimbursements for burial for veterans. We can assist you for qualification.

Obtaining DD-214 for enrollment of VA services

We can expedite and help you through the tedious process so your care is never delayed.

Last Tap

None of our veterans will ever pass alone. A fellow veteran will ensure Last Tap is played to honor their service and dedication.

Honor Guard

Honors became a statutory benefit to all veteran with the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act. We will coordinate so that eligible veteran is entitled to receive military funeral honors ceremony.


We are available by phone (480) 359-3998

Veterans Reviews

I couldn’t have done it without them!

“Veteran Alliance helped me to get enrolled in the VA system. They even came out and drove my wife and I to the VA Hospital for an appointment. I couldn't have done it without them.”

James B.

Keep up the great work!

“The people at Veteran Alliance are doing great work for veterans in the community. They are passionate about the work they do and dedicated to making sure every veteran gets access to the benefits they are entitled to. Keep up the great work!”

Mrs. D 

Thank you Veteran Alliance!

“They took all the pressure of working with the VA off my hands. Thank you Veteran Alliance.”

Stephen J.

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